For our Friends & Family using King's End, we have compiled a few notes to make your stay here even more wonderful. Here they are:


Please respect our neighbors’ convenience and save yourself a parking ticket. Park no more than 3-4 cars in the driveway – Please don’t leave cars on the Street on Oak Ave for any extended period of time. If your group has more than 4 cars or cars that don’t fit in the driveway please park on 6th street, below the house, toward the beach. Drive up Oak Ave, Left on 8th street, Left on Palm, Left on 6th street. You can park on the street on 6th street [or at the Sanitation department or at the pre-school between 5pm-7am; OR Saturday & Sunday. (Don’t park in the parking lot for the mobile homes which is Park Ranger’s housing)]. Once your car is parked walk across the grass, past the Portola Sycamore and up the back steps to the house.  A couple more things you'll definitely want to know about parking:

  1. You’ll notice that the driveway is grass. If you’re just getting off the freeway and your car is hot, if at all possible, please park across the driveway and then open the garage door and head your car into the garage, so the engine is over the concrete, not on the grass. This saves the driveway grass from being scorched by the car’s engine heat. After your car cools, or if you have driven only a short distance, it’s OK to park on the grass immediately.
  2. There is an automatic sprinkler system that keeps the driveway grass green. It is set to water at 10:00 PM on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. To avoid getting your car wet you can park on Oak Ave. on those evenings. We often use 6th Street near the Sanitation Dept. or Pre-School as overflow parking. (see above) If you don’t mind getting your car wet, leave it in the driveway, but make sure to roll up your windows and close your sun-roof.


  All the windows here at King's End have a security latch which keeps windows from opening greater than 2 inches.   We keep these in the locked position (Pictured Left) because it's enough to provide some ventilation without letting in a lot of dust.  

Upstairs, we NEVER UNLOCK THESE WINDOW STOPS.  This is to prevent children from falling from the second story.

When there are children in the home please do not undo these latches and open the windows fully. The home is ready for use with these locks in place. Disengage them at your own risk. 

Please do not force the windows up if the stops are in the locked position, as this will break the stop.  If necessary, the stop may be disabled (unlocked) by simply pressing in and sliding it down, but again, we do not recommend this, since, particularly upstairs, it constitutes a hazard.


All the water throughout the house is filtered, and naturally softened without chemicals. It’s basically the same as you would buy in a bottle. Enjoy!


When you arrive you'll find that the water is turned off at the toilet supply valve to avoid unfortunate accidents when nobody is home; please turn the water off to the toilets again before leaving.  


  • Each room has its own extra set of sheets (in the dresser)   
  • Sheets and bedding for the black fold-down bed in the Japanese room are in the tea chest.  
  • There are 3 sets of futons with sheets and pillows in the closet under the stairs.  
  • The hide-a-way bed in the upstairs game room has a pump-up mattress. The pump is in the end table. (please – completely deflate the mattress before folding it back up).  Sheets and blankets are in the closet at the top of the stairs. There is also a futon and bedding for the futon in this closet.  
  • There are 2 fold-out single bed frames (or they can be put together for a queen size frame) one in the living room closet and one in the master closet. 
  • There is a blow up queen size mattress in a storage box – just inside the garage.  Go out the laundry room door into the garage and to the right. Extra queen size bedding is upstairs in the closet at the top of the stairs. 


There are beach blankets and beach toys in a storage box just inside the garage to the right. You can also use the twin bed quilts that are in the small closet at the top of the stairs. Do not take any other quits to the beach. Do not take house towels to the beach. 


Feel free to use the washer and dryer. Please check the filter in the dryer before you use it, just in case it is full of lint, and if you can remember to do so, please clean it before you leave.  Instructions for the laundry machines are in the rack behind the entrance door to the laundry room.


The house is equipped with two WiFi routers, one upstairs (SSID- KingsEnd2) and one downstairs (SSID – KingsEnd1). You’ll get better connectivity if you use them that way. 

Each router has two separate SSIDs associated with it, a normal 2.4g and a 5g, so, as you search downstairs, for instance, you’ll see kingsend15g and kingsend1The same will be true upstairs, where you'll see kingsend25g and kingsend2.  

The passkey is the same for all four of the settings – we'll send that to you via SMS or email, along with your personal code for the keyless entry. We have found that sometimes the 2.4g connection works better and other times it’s the 5g, but it isn’t always the same. We use a Cox Cable service, and it’s shared (that’s the best we can do at the beach). If you want to check your speed to see which works best today, log in, open your browser and go to This utility will show you the upload and download speeds as well as the ping speed. Too much info? Oh well! 

ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEMS: (Complicated stuff the kids want us to know) 

We have basic cable downstairs and upstairs. The remote controllers downstairs are labeled, one for the TV, one for the Cable Box, one for the Blu-Ray/DVD Player, and one for the Audio System.  


This is the remote controller for the Cable TV system in the Family Room downstairs(Left). The function buttons across the top control which component you're working on. If you press the TV button, for instance, the Power switch will turn the TV on and off. If you press the CABLE button, you can turn the Cable Box on and off and control the Volume and change Channels. 

Typically we leave the volume setting for this remote control set at maximum (when the function is set to Cable, the volume is a large, on-screen red line indicator) and use the TV controller (or change to the TV function on this remote) to attenuate the volume (this display is a smaller on-screen green line indicator).

If you can see the picture but can’t hear the volume, you probably have one or the other volume control turned down or muted. The TV needs to be on Channel 4 in order for the Cable Box to work properly and for you to be able to view the channels we have. They are mostly just local channels, though, and the major networks. The guide button will bring up a TV Guide interface, but we don’t get all the channels it lists, so don’t get too excited . . .

As we mentioned above, the TV Console needs to be set at Channel 4 in order for the Cable Box to work properly.  So, we typically don't use this remote to change channels.
It seems complicated when we try to explain it like this, but once you get the hang of it, it's actually quite simple.

This is the remote controller for the Samsung TV Console (Left). If  you press the SMART button, the TV will display icons for all of the Apps that are available, including NetFlix, Pandora, and several others. It logs in automatically, and all the movies are available to watch instantly. We typically use the volume button on this remote to control the TV volume.  You can use the volume control on the Cable Remote, but it works best if you leave that one at 100% and use this volume control for adjustments.  


To watch a DVD, or use Amazon Prime movies, press the SOURCE button on the TV controller and change to the Blue Ray Player. Then use the smaller Sony remote controller to control the Blue Ray Player (Left).

Using the Samsung TV Console Controller (above) turn the TV on, then press the Source button to reveal the list of components. One of the sources is BD***** and that is the DVD/BlueRay player. Navigate to that choice and press ENTER.

Then switch to the Remote for the DVD/BlueRay player (Left) and turn the power on. Several Apps are available, but we have accounts open for Amazon Prime and NetFlix (a separate copy from the one on the TV).

Note, in Amazon the Prime movies and TV shows are free because we maintain an annual membership, but there are also many that come with a charge. We don’t rent or buy on Amazon because it’s too expensive. Get the hint? Just make sure that whatever you’re trying to watch is Amazon Prime Free Video and you’re good to go.

The silver Sony remote controller belongs to the Audio amplifier/tuner, which actually only controls the sound on the speakers outside on the patio. If you want to hear music outside, just turn it on. Whatever is on the TV (we typically use Pandora – [On the TV Remote, press the SMART button and navigate to the Pandora app]) will be routed to the patio speakers as well. Make sure you turn the unit off when you come back in, though, or everything you watch and listen to will be broadcast outside. 

The Upstairs Entertainment System incorporates the big screen TV with Basic Cable only, and the Xbox, which also has NetFlix, Amazon Prime,etc. and the Surround Sound system. The silver Sony Remote Controller works for both the TV Console and Cable (there’s no separate cable box here). Use the INPUT button to change the source to the Xbox360 and NetFlix. The Xbox remote controllers are in their chargers and will control both the games and movie apps, such as NetFlix, Amazon, etc. Once the Xbox boots up you’ll see several different profiles available. The one that works best looks a bit like me (Sheesh, I wish I looked that good) and the name is ReachableEwe605. The password is already entered and it should log you into Xbox Live. You have full privileges there, but please don’t purchase any movies or games, as it will charge my PayPal account for them.

The dark gray Sony Remote controller belongs to the surround sound system. With the TV and all the components off, simply press function, and then navigate down the list to MD/DAT and press the main button in, and the system should respond properly. Everything should come on. The Xbox, however, is stubborn and may need you to press its power button on the front of the console. Your TV shows, Xbox games and movies, and CDs should all be connected to the surround system. If the Audio Tuner is on Xbox, and the TV shows a picture, but all you hear is the sound coming through the TV it’s because there isn’t a surround codec for that content, and that’s all you’ll get.  


The beach has lots of tar and you will bring it home on your feet – Please clean your feet after the beach before coming inside, so as not to track in tar and sand. A little Vegetable Oil on a rag should do the trick, but If that isn’t available, soap and water works fine, it just takes a bit more rubbing.


There is no trash pick up. Please take trash with you or you may leave it in the garage. For trash left in the garage Please don’t leave any Food in the trash. It may be several days before we get there to deal with it. Also, DO NOT LEAVE TRASH OUTSIDE – the Raccoons will have a field day with it.


The thermostat at the top of the stairs controls the whole house heating and ventilation. We don’t have A/C and have really never needed it. The gray button at the lower right of the thermostat will set it for either heat (a red light comes on) or to cool the house (a green light comes on) and you can set the temperature as you wish using the up and down arrow buttons. Please don’t leave the house with the heater on, it will be cooking when you return. When you leave for good, please set the thermostat to about 74 and the cool (house fan) function (green light) on, in order to keep air moving until we arrive again.


  •  Turn off all lights, especially outside lights.  Check the lights on the verandas upstairs, the patio and outside the laundry room as these often go unnoticed.
  •  Leave one upstairs bedroom window cracked 2" for ventilation (master bedroom).
  •  Turn off water to the upstairs toilets.
  •  Strip the bed linens; you may leave dirty linens in the laundry room. Wash them if you have time. Please don’t leave wet towels with the linen (mildew).
  •  If at all possible wash towels and dry them before leaving. You may leave them in the dryer, if you don’t have time to wash them.  Put them in the dryer and run the dryer – We can wash them later (if you leave them wet they will mildew).
  •  Lock all doors - Sliding doors unlock by pulling the handle toward you (away from the glass), they lock by sliding the door tightly closed, then pushing the handle toward the glass. We typically lock the front door and the garage door from the inside and then leave through the laundry room door. Note that the key lock on the laundry room door is taped off. This is so you cannot lock yourself out. We have the key, but it won’t do you any good if you’re there and we’re here.
  •  To lock the laundry room door use the digital lock – On the outside keypad, push the button located above the keypad, marked LOCK. The keypad will flash and you can turn the lock handle clockwise to lock the deadbolt.  Your entry code will let you back in the same way.  Simply enter your code and turn the lock handle counter-clockwise to unlock the deadbolt.