Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club

Santa Barbara Polo Club 2015 from PoloChannel on Vimeo.

One of the big events that occurs here in the Santa Barbara area is Polo.  Many people don't realize that our area is host to this wonderful, international sport.  Check out thia great video about Santa Barbara and the Polo Tournaments. 


"Come To Carpinteria" (video)

Carpinteria, a small oceanside city located in the southeastern extremity of Santa Barbara County, California, east of Santa Barbara, is truly a remarkable place.  The Spanish explorer Gaspar de Portola named the area "La Carpinteria" because the Chumash tribal people, who lived in the area, had a large seagoing canoe-building enterprise, or "carpentry shop" there; this was due to the availability of large sycamore trees and also naturally-occurring surface tar, which was used to seal the canoes.
You can still see the tar oozing out of the tar pit at selected sites, such as Tar Pits Park on the campground at Carpinteria State BeachCarpinteria beach is known to have a gentle, sloping terrain and calm waves in selected sandy areas but also good surfing swells in other rocky areas [1]. Seals and sea lions can be seen in the area December through May at the rookery [2] in the nearby Carpinteria Bluffs [3], as well as an occasional gray whale. Tidepools contain starfish, sea anemones, crabs, snails, octopuses and sea urchins. A marathon-length round trip north of the rookery to Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara is possible, though passable only during low tide. A live view of Carpinteria beach can be seen at this link [4]. A popular campground is located adjacent to the beach. There is bird watching at Carpinteria Salt MarshReserve and many species can be seen exclusively there.

The city has a weekly newspaper called The Coastal View. The city of Carpinteria is served by the Carpinteria Unified School District. It includes one high school, one middle (junior high) school, and four elementary schools, one of which is an alternative school (K-6). The district also has an alternative high school. Other schools include: Cate School, a private preparatory school and Pacifica Graduate Institute, home of the Joseph Campbell and Marija Gimbutas Library. This graduate school offers master's and PhD programs in depth psychology and mythology.

Since 1987, the California Avocado Festival has been held in Carpinteria on the first weekend of October, billing their festival as "Three Days of Peace, Love and Guacamole."  The Santa Barbara Polo Club, one of the main equestrian polo fields in the country, is located in Carpinteria. The city is also home to Hollandia Produce, an organic produce company with 70 employees.  Carpinteria is home to an Amtrak rail station stop located on Linden Avenue by the beach. It is served by Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner, which runs from San Luis Obispo to San Diego.

 King's End is less than 1/4 mile from the Carpinteria State Beach and Campground, widely billed as the world's safest beach, and one of California's most desirable spots for a quiet vacation.  King's End is accessable by train,  only a short walk from the Amtrak station, and freeway close to some of the best resorts and hot spots in the area.  Explore the links below for suggestions on what to do when you're not enjoying the beach or relaxing on the King's End patio.


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